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The ordering process

Want to know what happens from when you click purchase to when you unbox your models? Read below to help gain more insight on how the process works as sometimes it is more complicated than you would think!

Part 1: Order Processing

When your order is placed, a notification is sent to us via the Wix App (thru phone) and via our Email. By having two types of notifications, it ensures we never miss an order coming through! That same-day, we reach out to you to give you an estimate on how long you should expect to be waiting for your model. We factor in possible delays, shipping times, and any other external factors like school activities to give you the best estimate. If it is a pre-order, it is added to our monthly order from that manufacturer and sent to the manufacturer by their deadline. If it has in-stock models, a plan is then made to retrieve yours and others' models from our inventory storage and ship out within a couple of days.

Part 2: Shipment to Us

If your model is a pre-order, it goes through this step! Upon the deadline for a manufacturers' monthly order, we submit the amount of models we need (based on customer orders) and order extras if we believe we can sell more in the future. They will then accept the order and, after a couple of weeks, the order is shipped out to us. If any delays occur (NG Models) then only the models ready to go will ship. If any quantity cuts occur (GeminiJets) then the customer is notified and given options on what to do next. Shipping to us from a manufacturer typically takes 3-5 days.

Part 3: Inspection & Shipping Out

Upon arrival to us, each model is inspected for glue issues (loose parts) and paint issues (chips, scratches, etc). If an issue does occur with the glue, we have our own glue made to fix diecast models and is then applied and fixed. If the model, after sitting overnight, passes our inspection, it is then ready to be sold in the future. If it is does not, however, it is sent back to the manufacturer for exchanges. Any paint issues are also sent back without attempt at repairing. Once all your models have arrived, they are wrapped with bubble wrap and packed into one of our boxes where it is then supported by more packing materials to maintain the integrity of the box during shipment. Once sealed, the package is weighed and a label is created (this is when a confirmation email is sent). The following day (if past 3pm) or the same day (before 3pm), your package is sent to each shipment provider to be shipped to you.

Part 4: Arrival to You

We are proud to boast an incredible average of shipping time under 3 days (including all carriers) which allows for our customers to receive their models for a cheap price at a quick speed. If any delay occurs with the shipping process, you will be advised and can also track every package throughout its journey. Upon arrival, if any damage has been done during shipment, you may always contact us for a replacement or refund and we will handle your request in a timely manner. While we do inspect models, shipping is a rough journey for a breakable model and sometimes issues occur but are easily resolvable!

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