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Frequently Asked Questions

What shipping options do you have?

At Texan Airplane Store, we offer delivery done through USPS or UPS with a variety of delivery times to fit what you want and when you want it. If you have any questions, you can visit our policy page for further answers on our shipping policies.

What's the difference between In stock, Preorder, and Future Release?

When a model is marked as 'In-Stock' that means that we have it on our shelves, ready to ship out to you as soon as you hit that order button!

When a model is marked as 'Pre-Order', that means that the manufacturer (NG, GeminiJets, etc) has announced it officially and it will arrive roughly two to three weeks after announcement. When it arrives, it will then be shipped out to everyone who has preordered it. All that pre order are guaranteed to receive that model once it is in stock, no further action is required after purchase.

When a model is marked as 'Future Release', that means that the manufacturer has announced that the model will be made in the near future but does not have an official date that it will arrive to us nor when it will be announced officially. No further action is required after purchasing this model and you will receive this model upon its announcement and arrival to our store.

Note: Any item marked as Pre-Order or Future Release is eligible for a full refund up until the date it becomes marked as In-Stock.

How does the Big Texan eGift Card work?

We have added the option to get gift cards for you or someone else! With the Big Texan eGift Card, you can have as little as $20 in funds and as much as however wild your mind gets! These cards will never expire and can be used for any product listed on our website, no matter the cost. If the gift card does not cover the complete cost, you may use a secondary payment method to pay for the remaining balance. If you get this card for other people, they will receive an email on the date you select with a code that they may use for the gift card.

Will you hold models?

Yes of course! Whether you're waiting for another companies' releases or you can't pay for a few weeks, we'll hold them for you! All you need to do is email us and we can work something out, case by case. For first time holders, you will need to make a deposit beforehand but if we've held models for you before, no deposit is needed!

Note: Holding is not guaranteed and is case by case, however, you are more often than not able to have models held for you! We will not hold models for more than 2 months unless specific permission has been given.

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