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Miles program

How do i start earning points?
Once i've made an account, what next?
i have points? how do i redeem?
content creator program

Welcome to the Texan Airplane Store Miles Program (TASMP). We are proud to bring you many unique ways of gaining points while giving out great prizes and free items! Read below for more info!

To start earning Miles, you must create an account with us. This can be done by clicking on the 'person' icon at the top right of your screen and then by following the instructions. A picture is shown to the left to guide you.

Well you've made an account so now you're ready to start gaining Miles! You can earn Miles through multiple ways listed below:

  • 25 Miles for subscribing to our email list

  • 50 Miles for just creating an account

  • 1 Mile per $1 spent (given based on Grand Total)

  • 2x, 3x, 4x Miles weekends

  • Content Creator Bonuses

So now you have points, it is time to redeem them. While most stores offer basic rewards, Texan Airplane Store is offering a new, fun, and more interactive system with many different rewards! Every week, there will be different rewards for you to use your points on ranging from some free accessories to free models! You can redeem your points through this system and in days, have your rewards! Details for redeeming your points are available on the official Miles page, found on the button to the left or at the top of the website! 

Calling all Content Creators! We are implementing creator codes that give a 15% discount off every order, available at any time for anyone to use! These 15% codes will give your followers a great discount on all their favorite models! In addition, for every 4 Miles they get from their order, we will give you one Mile! That means if someone spends $100, they get 200 Miles and you get 50 Miles!

But wait, there's more!!

If you get 5 people to use your code in a month, you'll get 20% off your next order!

If you get 10 people to use your code in a month, you'll get a FREE MODEL.

If you get 15 people to use your code in a month, you'll get 3 FREE MODELS.

If you get 20 people to use your code in a month, you'll get 25% off your next order!

If you get 25 people to use your code in a month, you'll get 30% off your next order!

To become a content creator and get your code, please EMAIL us with your account name (instagram, facebook, etc) and a link to some of your work (videos, articles, etc).

More information will be sent to you once that has been completed!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at Thank you!

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